Videos from IRC Celebration & Production




International Revival Church Inauguration done in style !





Dr John Mc Donald (Canada) is one of the
overseers of International Revival Church. He has been a mentors to literally hundreds around the world and truly humbled to see the Lord use him in a powerful way around the world.


Pastor Arun Cherian John teaching a topic on who’s your Barnabas? This video sermon will change your life in a supernatural word.

Our Church exists to Envision, Equip and Empower you in your daily walk with God.



Pastor Arun Cherian John teaches on ” Is comparison a SIN or NOT? As we learn the word of God on a daily basis , it not only open our understanding but also helps us to live a victories christian life for the Lord


The word of God changes and transform lives. Listen and surely you will be refreshed, revived and renewed. 

The presence of God is the key. As Ps Arun explains in detail about HIS divine presence, we pray it will change your lives.