Ps. Arun Cherian John


Senior Pastor and founder Arun Cherian John was born in Doha, Qatar on Feb 17, 1987. At a very young age, he had an intense burning desire to serve the Lord. Because of a crying and praying mother, the passion never seized to grow. After his high school, he decided to do his higher education in Nuclear Medicine in India. During his studies, he slowly started to move away from the call of God. At the age of 17, he was addicted to drugs, smoking and alcohol but the call of God remained faithful. For the next 2 years of his life, there was a lot of high’s and low’s but with an inspiring testimony the Lord restored him back at the age of 20. Since then, Pastor Arun have been serving the Lord with all his heart even in the midst of challenges. His passion is to see hell empty and heaven full, in JESUS name.


Pastor Arun has studied cross cultural evangelism & theology from All Nations Christian College in London. With this knowledge of the Word and spiritual principles, it enables him to encourage people to love the Lord and to impact their lives, communities and the world for Christ. It is truly by grace of God, he has been invited and traveled to many countries carrying the gospel to the lost and needy souls, many have been saved, blessed, delivered and healed through his testimony.


On October 4th, 2014, he got married to Jensa Mariam Joseph, who also loves and shares his passion for the Lord, and together they stand to serve the Lord and fulfill the Lord’s purpose according to the calling and the gifts God has blessed them with. They have a son, Andrew John.

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